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Thread: Slaves Are Plenty Useful

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    Slaves Are Plenty Useful

    Slaves Are Plenty Useful

    Well met!

    What to do?
    What to dooo?

    What shall we do with the slaves aplenty?
    What shall we do with the slaves so dirty?
    What can they do?
    And for what can we use them?
    That's the bloody question.

    But you, friend, will find out,
    that slaves are plenty useful!

    You can ship them,
    you can whip them,
    you can eat them,
    you can beat them,
    you can weigh them,
    you can flay them,
    you can crush them,
    you can slush them!

    So you see, my friend, that slaves are plenty useful!

    You can turn them,
    you can burn them,
    you can hide them,
    you can ride them,
    you can mind them
    you can bind them,
    you can grind them,
    you can't find them!

    Aye indeed, the slaves are plenty useful!

    - Chaos Dwarf children song

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    Re: Slaves Are Plenty Useful

    Sometimes I worry about you .
    my general project thread

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