Thank you, thank you. I feared the story might be a bit too unorthodox for people's tastes but I got so tired of GW's grimdark doom and gloom that I wanted to try giving it a different spin.

I tried keeping the official background intact though. The Gas Goblins aren't mentioned anywhere to my knowledge but the model is pretty obvious I would think. That was the perfect chance to cast the Dwarves as the villains for once. Also I didn't want to go as far as to claim that the Goblin actually liked the Dwarves, after all I'm not sure greenskins are even capable of such affections as an asexual species, but on the other hand there is the precedence of Gnoblars throwing in their lot with the Ogres so I would believe this type of relationship and coexistence is not entirely out of the question, would the Dwarves actually allow it.