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Thread: (8th Ed) Ogre Kingdoms (+ a bit more general) questions

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    (8th Ed) Ogre Kingdoms (+ a bit more general) questions

    It's been a while, but one ill-advised mooch about in the attic and suddenly "somehow" all my 8th ed* Warhammer Armies books are in a pile by my bed...

    Been having a good old read, and a couple of questions have come to me regarding the fatties that I thought I'd ask the good gastromancers of Warseer about:

    a) Do the riders of Mournfangs/Stonehorns/Thundertusks get a Stomp in addition to their mounts'?
    - I'd guess not, as what drives it is the overall troop type e.g. Monstrous Cavalry, although I couldn't think of another instance where something with a Stomp of its own rode a beast that had one

    2) does the Lore Attribute of the Lore of Beasts kick in on a ridden monster; in particular how does this interact with the spells that affect the character bit of the ridden monster (e.g. Pann's Impenetrable Pelt)
    - this I would assume is a 'yes', essentially for the same reason the first is a 'no', but reinforced by the fact the Attribute does work for cav/monstrous cav

    Them's my guesses, but I'd love to know what people think (and if there were any definitive ruling from an FAQ etc - I did look)

    *and a job lot of earlier ones too but that's by the by
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    Re: (8th Ed) Ogre Kingdoms (+ a bit more general) questions

    First it's the books, next you're out examining the models and finishing up a paint job here and there, and before you know it you're taking over the dining room table with a massive battle and planning whole new armies...

    a) - you're right the rider doesn't get a stomp attack of their own. Essentially the whole model (rider + mount) gets the troop type monstrous cavalry (or monster), so you only get the stomp the monstrous cavalry model is entitled to (or thunderstomp the monster is entitled to). You can't claim it to be monstrous infantry too and get a stomp from that.

    2) - BRB page 105 says "If a character has a ridden monster, the whole model is treated as having the troop type monster" - so yes, you'll get the lore attribute when targeting that unit, even if the spell's effects only target the character riding it.
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    Re: (8th Ed) Ogre Kingdoms (+ a bit more general) questions

    Sedgey, you're a star - thanks for that!

    Yeah, the first one made sense (if for nothing else it would've been a bit good to be true), but it's good to have the chapter and verse on the second.

    I am aching to drag the minis all down too, I really am; but the nipper is just over a year - with no safe spaces in the house I dread to see what her thunderstomp can do to the poor little plastic buggers (40 d6 s10 hits no armour saves allowed). Maybe in a couple of years...

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