Hey Everyone. I had a couple of old Chapterhouse truescale marine parts laying around, as well as a box of tartaros terminator parts, and so I decided to embark upon a truescale Great Crusade project.

My goal was to get one character that captured the feel of each legion, and by now I’m only missing a Luna wolf. They’re all way bigger than even primaris marines, and the torsos (usually modified tartaros or contemptor) are bulky in a way that jives with the GC era IMO.

I can provide parts lists for any and all of these guys if desired.

01 – Dark Angels

03 – Emperor’s Children

My personal favorite. I love his fat little buddy. It’s a xenos butterfly, remember, so this one uses a lighter-than-air gas bladder to provide lift.

04 – Iron Warriors

05 – White Scars

Another favorite, because there seems to be a lot of motion in the pose. I also like the character of the chapter.

06 – Space Wolves

A lot of Geigor Fellhand parts, and a pair of wolf guard terminator legs and a primaris necklace. My favorite thing is the helmet, which looks very anglo-saxon to me.

07 – Imperial fists

Pedro Kantor’s hand and a FW World Eater head are my favorite parts of this knightly bastard

08 – Night Lords

The first one of these guys I made, actually. I really like the idea of him being really evil looking, but still Imperial.

09 – Blood Angels

10 – Iron Hands

12 – World Eaters

I love the FW Red Butcher model. I had a fun time shaving off his contemptor hood and replacing his back with an AOS Khorne Guys’s back armor in order to make him a truescale power armored guy. I like how enraged he looks.