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With any location on the map, I have to make due with what is available, which is absolutely nothing beyond the image itself. Llenog is clearly an important location, as it is one of only two settlements/ fortifications that are illustrated (beyond a hut shape).

Though the tribes of Albion are deeply divided, The Belenii of The Tower of Llenog are its most powerful and the fortifications are the island's most impressive. The spire of the main hold strikes prominently into the sky, and can be seen well for miles, which is saying much as the island is often shrouded in fog.

If ever a capital were to be needed for an alliance it would be here.

The chief is proud and perhaps worthy of it, as she commands Albion's largest army, and greatest settlement. She bears the huge and incendiary Spear of the Heavens into battle, a sign of favour from the gods of the sky and fire. Aboard a near unstoppable bronze chariot (worry not, this all will appear) that casts its enemies aside like wake on the waters surface.