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The moral, legal, spiritual, and cultural guides of the people of Albion are also powerful mages. But only those that hold any sway on these aforementioned institutions on the isle are a part of the mysterious Circle of Truthsayers, a hierarchy of individuals headed by The Seven, The Three, then The One, in that order. The Seven are not of little note, they hold great sway on the island and are active in its politics. The Three are the heads of each sanctioned discipline of magic Light, Life, and the Hunt, with the foremost being Life, seen as the most benevolent. The One is Draoiorix, the most powerful being on Albion, The Formless One.
Though they practice the same disciplines as other races only 3 are sanctioned by Circle Truthsayers. It is possible to practice others but they are only discovered on your own and not taught by The Circle. The only possibility to gain proficiency is to seek outside assistance. If one does go on the path of another discipline of magic, you will be exiled from The Circle, you may still fight for Albionic tribes, a chieftain will likely not refuse such help, but it comes at the cost of losing this grand connection to the most powerful group in Albion.

Spells used on here are not like any other because the island is isolated, thus, it did not develop along the same path as the outside world. Though some may closely resemble those invoked by other races it is purely a coincidence.

You may practice other forms of magic openly, though it is frowned upon by the Truthsayer aristocracy. You may not practice these forms if you want to hold any position of power or be included in the Order of the Truthsayers. It will cause you to be immediately expelled if you are caught, and even if it happened in the past. This is a large reason for some to leave the order to become mercenaries, heretics, and outcasts. Though it must be added that there have been good and noteworthy men and women who have used magics of other forms to benefit Albion and its tribes. But those who dabble in these magics, combined with their spurned nature oft turn to Chaos, becoming Dark Emissaries.