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The Carnyx has immense magical properties, it is as rare as it is powerful and so is the magic woven into the earth that suspends it across the field of battle. The massive instrument must be held up by arms of arcbronze laden with gold, and played by three individuals. It confers immense strength unto its allies, the mere sight of it rallies men to the most lost of causes.

I wanted to bring in a carnyx, but I didn't want it to be the same as the cornu I already depicted. So I made it really really big. But how would it be held? It would need something to hold it up. After I figured out the type of stand for it, it took me many drawings to figure out how it would be brought to the battlefield. Originally on a chariot, but I had enough of drawing them for now, and I felt that it was getting repetitive. I remembered that Karl Kopinski painting of Karl Franz fighting a giant, with the floating towers in the background and it gave me an idea to make a floating henge-hillock of sorts suspended by magic. This took about a week to properly flesh out the idea working between that and other art and fighting a cold.