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Thread: 6th Edition WFB battle reports a plenty

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    Re: 6th Edition WFB battle reports a plenty

    I took the opposite route on this. Even when subsequent editions came out, I had no intention of selling out my old army books since I liked the edition so much. Even though I expected GW to implode or die away like the Westinghouse, I would have to admit that I had no intention of starting up any retro gaming so soon. At the time, I expected to teach any interested young ones that came into my world since the end of the edition. Given the way that things turned out, I am glad that I made the decision that I made when I did. I even tracked down a hardback of the BRB.

    Conqueror is a ruleset that I do want to look at. I keep dragging my feet because as of late, I really don't want to be a customer of Amazon any more than I have to.
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