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I took the opposite route on this. Even when subsequent editions came out, I had no intention of selling out my old army books since I liked the edition so much. Even though I expected GW to implode or die away like the Westinghouse, I would have to admit that I had no intention of starting up any retro gaming so soon. At the time, I expected to teach any interested young ones that came into my world since the end of the edition. Given the way that things turned out, I am glad that I made the decision that I made when I did. I even tracked down a hardback of the BRB.

Conqueror is a ruleset that I do want to look at. I keep dragging my feet because as of late, I really don't want to be a customer of Amazon any more than I have to.
With 40k, I recognized that 2nd was THE definitive edition, but I didn't feel that Warhammer 6th ed. would have that staying power and retain a following. The decision to sell out was also motivated by a sense that I could do better, and I think I have.

While I understand your feelings regarding Amazon, understand that independent authors benefit far more from your your purchases than Amazon does. To put it another way, if you must limit Amazon purchases, cut out the stuff that you can get somewhere else rather than independent authors.