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Figure I'll shill for the classichammer site a bit rather than try to copy/paste all those reports. Tons of posters on there posting battle reports.
Interesting. I really liked 6th when it came out, and when I heard it was going away, that pretty much broke my remaining tie to GW. I'd already bailed out on 40k, and while I toyed with the idea of keeping my books, my sense was that gaming groups would go with whatever came out, especially since it was as yet sight unseen.

Having noticed that my 3rd ed. 40k books were worthless on the resale market (due to the advent of 4th ed.) I decided to dump all my books while they were still worth something.

Subsequently, I made Conqueror to scratch the fantasy itch.

Ironically, I did end up with a few of the 5th edition books for inspiration for my Conqueror army lists. I already owned a few and friends gave me theirs, and I found them useful to think over mechanics and such.

I do still own Ravening Hordes which is arguably the most balanced list GW ever produced. It's also a nice resource for ideas.