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Thread: Casual noob LF help with 1500 necron list please.

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    Casual noob LF help with 1500 necron list please.

    I've been painting warhammer for a long time, but havent properly played since... well, ever, really. I've only ever played maybe two games, and that was before the original Necron rework, so you can guess how long ago that was. I've tried to get back into it a few times, unsuccessfully, but finally think ill be able to manage it (time-wise).

    Anyways, i had a quick look around the current necron codex and stuff, and made this list here. Its based partially around models that i like, and partially around me trying to figure a good balanced list. I will be playing casually, via my local playgroup's organised games (via facebook etc) in the nearby game store. No tournaments or anything, more or less just learning how to play for now haha. So im not looking for any kind of "meta" or minmax list, but at same time i want something that will be decent ish, meaning if i lose i could know that it was because i made poor decisions, not because i had a **** army list. I also plan on running same army list again and again without changing it up much, at least until i get more familiar with the game to know how i want to change it.

    Anyways, that said, here is what i came up with:

    First detachment - Nephrekh (6" move) batallion
    - Overlord (default staff)
    - Cryptek (default staff and chrono)
    - 3x 5man Immortal squads (with teslas)

    Total: 444

    Second detachment - Novokh (charge reroll) outrider
    - Destroyer lord (warscythe)
    - Wraith (3 models)
    - Wraith (3 models)
    - Scarabs (5 models)
    - Scarabs (5 models)

    Total: 572

    Third detachment - Mephrit (-ap at half distance) spearhead
    - Destroyer lord (default staff)
    - Destroyers (2 models)
    - Destroyers (2 models)
    - Heavy destroyers (2 models)

    Total: 434

    Overall total: 1450.

    This leaves me 50 points to spend on things. Options i have are: Resurrection orbs, additional immortals, whip coils/particle beamers for wraiths, maybe 1 more destroyer. Maybe more scarabs?

    Basically im not sure what to spend the last points on. Any suggestions? Also any overall thoughts on this list, keeping in mind my approach that i talked about earlier?

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    Re: Casual noob LF help with 1500 necron list please.

    I highly recommend watching some of my youtube videos, they should help you out greatly.

    I would make your wraith unit into a large 6 man squad, use a technomancer with a node instead for your hq choice. Give him the Dimesional Sanctum cryptek arkana so he can teleport next to your wraiths the turn they are about to charge so they can hit on 3's. Deploy your destroyers along the flanks to keep them protected and use your destroyer lords aggressively you want them to be the targets. The destroyer lord with the default staff should upgrade to the voltaic staff that way you have access to more - 3 AP shots in half range. I hope this helps.
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