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    EPIC a BLOG with updates

    We have all seen the fantastic titanicus models by now and I even picked myself up a reaver titan. I was thinking to myself how I missed old epic and how 8th has been so simplified it could be used directly to play a micro scale game simply by halving all ranges and movement stats, but alas GW no longer supports epic.......but after a little browsing I found the fans still do. there are several companies who make fantastic epic scale(1:300) 40K style minis that are quite affordable(and in metal-the battletech player in me approves!).

    As it so happens the group at my FLGS has jumped in full tilt. I currently have about 11,000+ points of marines/militarum/titan legion however it pales compared to the tau fanatic in our group rocking over 20,000 points already for a measly $200 or so(15 various riptides, yes 15!).

    It is said that the standard 2k 40K game is effectively one small front in the larger battle...well now we can do the whole battle on a single table and utilize units that never were needed or never saw their full potential on a 6'X4' table.

    Much of the groups stuff hasn't run into a paint brush yet(well other than mine) but here are some battle pics-

    Tau VS imperial knights at 6.300 points-

    Tau Vs astra militarum at 5,000 points

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