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    Re: EPIC 40K...sorta

    Epic battle report-4,500 points Tau VS salamanders

    To prevent post saturation I am going to be posting all my epic 40K related posts here including these battle reports.

    We had a late start to our game (about 2am) due to other things distracting our time. but hey I run late night so we can stay as long as we want

    When we play games this big we tend to keep it simple so we went with a straight up fight with points awarded for the usual things-destroying units, killing the warlords, line breaker etc..
    Also with running epic scale as standard 8th ed rules halving all ranges and movement our deployment area was 6" along the long table edge.

    The terrain I am using is a mix of old JR miniatures, novus design studio, micro art studio, monster apocalypse, brigade miniatures(excellent for all micro scale games lots of historical and naval as well), and battlesfield in a box

    My forces were broken up into vanguard/outrider detachments with an air wing. I burned some CM to make one of my captains a chapter master so my CM pool wasn't very big compared to my tau adversary.

    my forces-
    .chapter master
    .techmarine X3 w/conversion beamer
    .hellblaster squad(5)
    .inceptor squad(6) X6
    .venerable dread assault cannon w/heavy flamer+DCCW in drop pod X3
    .venerable dread fire support loadouts (las cannons etc) X3
    .storm hawk interceptors X2
    .xiphon interceptors X2

    His force
    .shaso ra'ali
    .dark strider
    .cadre X2
    .pathfinder squad (10) X2 w/fish
    .firewarrior squad (12) X6 w/fish
    .TX 42 heavy piranha X2
    .broadside w/railgiuns
    .riptides X6
    .and lots of drones

    The table-

    I won first turn, it wasn't real impressive because it was just a fighter rush to push in and kill a few drones as my ground forces ran forward. return fire cripples 2 of my fighters.

    Turn 2. the battle really started as the bulk of my force dropped in to punch the 2 riptides holding his left flank. it took all 6 squads of inceptors, 3 dreads and a stormhawk to take them both down
    The cost in return was the loss of both fighter that had been previously damaged although one exploded and hurt a fish so not a total loss . I also took wounds on a techmarine when ra'ali dropped in behind me,

    Turn 3. the center of the table became hotly contested. to my surprise allowing me to kill ra'ali, critically damage another riptide and spread some damage across the others....also killed loads of drones >_<

    Turn 4. I finished off his 3rd riptides, damaged the rest of them, and killed a piranha he disembarked his ground forces at close range and proceeded to try and kill my inceptors. he did manage to drop 2 full units and do some wounds to another. he also killed the hellblasters after much effort.

    Turn 5. I brutalized his infantry killing both pathfinder units and 3 firewarrior units a cadre the other piranha and 2 riptides.
    At this point he was so far behind he decided to try for a moral victory by going after my chapter master, but only managed to wound him 1 time, he spent a lot of his time finishing off more inceptors oh and I lost a dread...which exploded and hurt his last riptide :P

    With a roll of the dice it was over at the end of 5 -

    Victory went to the emperors finest, however in all honesty I think his dice really hated him as he was rolling well below average most of the game

    After action report
    salamanders losses-
    .3 1/2 inceptor units
    .1 hellblaster unit
    .1 venerable dread
    .1 xiphon interceptor
    .1 stormhawk interceptor
    7 units also would probably have helped me in turn 2 if I had remembered I am a SALAMANDER getting a few re-rolls on wounds for my dreads and infantry might have been better

    Tau losses
    .1 cadre
    .2 pathfnders units
    .3 firewarrior units
    .2 piranha
    .5 riptides
    .20 drones
    13 units(+20 drones, but do we really have to count those they used be wargear ?),I know the names have changed but the equivalent of- linebreaker, slay the warlord, first blood (but I guess that counts for both of us now from what I have heard)

    the rest of the pictures

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