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Thread: the aeldari god cycle and their rebirth

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    the aeldari god cycle and their rebirth

    I've been thinking about the basic metaphysics of gods and souls in 40k and how the potent nature of eldar souls can create gods.

    The eldar have had a long association with the concept of reincarnation, both literal and figurative. Currently the phoenix lords and the wraith constructs still represent this concept to a degree.

    With the awakening of Ynnead and the existence of Cegorach, Isha and at least bits of Khaine, the eldar pantheon is not completely lost. More than that, the psychic gestalt of belief and the souls concentrated into them across the craftworlds fuels the potential for even more.

    There are currently in 40k, reservoirs of powerful souls coalesced around single ideals, ideals and identities rooted in myth from the times before the eldar fall. They keep a kernel of an idea alive and have slowly grown in power over 10,000 years.

    They are the Phoenix Lords. Although they are ostensibly representations of Khaine's war aspects, they all cleave close to concepts of his fellow gods. In the case of Baharoth and Jain Zar, they use aspects directly from others - Morai Heg and Faolchu. Asurmen himself is the Hand of Asuryan - a very odd title for a devotee of the jealous god of War.

    It could be argued that Khaine's war mantle was won by stealing/copying/bargaining the war aspects of the other gods, hoarding them to himself and thus taking the title of God of War. The war in heaven could certainly have done this.

    Staying close the to reincarnation and rebirth aesthetic of the eldar species I see it as entirely possible for their pantheon to be reborn into the modern world, in new aspect and with new purpose.

    The Rhana Dandra can be bent to the will of the eldar. The phoenix lords will fight their last fight - and in so doing, ascend into their apotheosis as the new pantheon of the eldar.

    Asuryan will be reborn as Asurmen, Morai Heg as Jain Zar, Kurnous as Karandras and Faolchu as Baharroth.

    The fires of Fuegan will melt the shards of Khaine and give birth to a new god of war, one tempered by the love of the eldar people rather than contempt.

    Maugan Ra will take on the mantle of death, sacrificing Altansar's population to force Ynnead into his form and awaken the power of the dead completely.

    The Blackstone Fortresses, Talismen of Vaul. These contain his seed. At the Rana Dandra, the craftworlds will coalesce around this seed and awaken the crippled god from his slumber, whole again.

    From each god an avatar can be summoned, represented as the daemonic incarnation of a phoenix Lord of old. The aspects of the gods will form the spirit warriors of their host.

    And the eldar will be reborn ascendant once more.

    Just for fun and just because I think the correlations are neat. And because having a pantheon of avatars to summon would be cool - especially if they were daemonic phoenix lord designs.
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