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Thread: AoS Factions are finally settling down

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    Re: AoS Factions are finally settling down

    What do I think? Well I had about the same thoughts. But then I realized GW are far too unpredictable to predict anything. For example:

    1. We've been waiting for them to do anything with Elves for four years now. I was sure that they'd get an update fast-like but apart from Sylvaneth, which basically meant the removal of anything Elf, and Daughters of Khaine, who are a very, very small splinter faction, nothing has happened yet.

    2. Only 2-3 Battletomes to go so they should be finished this year right? WRONG! Istead of consolidating the old factions GW have mostly been busy inflating them ever more. A dozen of different Stormcasts, Space Dwarves, Fish Elves, you name them. Apparently GW thought the world was in dire need of these abominations. What other atrocities do they have in store for us? I have no idea but it could forestall the becoming of AoS for another few years.

    Given the tone off this comment it is probably no surprise but I'm positively shocked how this entire affair has been and is being handled by GW. Describing it as amateurish is being kind. It is apparent they had no plan whatsoever and are now struggling to glue together the shattered pieces of the valuable antique vase they wantonly shattered, with grotesque results.

    Free Peoples are doomed. They're far too normal/vanilla for this madhouse. Plus their historical style really doesn't fit the setting.
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