For Elves (without the A) I expect the Malekith/Tyrion elves and the Teclis 2.0 experiment to completely remove any old kit not used in another battletome.

Free people and dispossessed would have happened, not going to happen now. All new factions come with a named character and some weird blurb. Sigmar's faction are the golden boys, anything old and traditional wil go.

Bretonnia will get a Death army that fights in the realm of chaos itself if you ask me.

I had totally forgotten about the Scuttlings (on purpose). To me them going all classic but with a tiny addition is just another turn in them trying to find what AoS is supposed to be. It will be interesting to see where Skaven go. This whole project just looks like a gigantic mess. Half the time GW is single release or very minimally updated board games now. That is not what specialist games used to be. Forge world is also not the right subsection to work on that either, they should have stayed with space marine bits and bobs.