Well they have some kinda vision but I think its very sketchy...very, very sketchy

They could definitely have handled how they retire kits better. Clearly there is interest in older kits as they do Made to Order (or whatever its called) so its surprising they don't give some warning. I can only assume they want to do it on the QT to try and not remind everyone they burnt it all to hell.

With regard to changing bases they would effectively require relaunching the kit with new boxes so they are unlikely to do this untill the kit gets folded into a new faction so it all ties in together. Printing boxes is more expensive than printing sprues for older kits where the mold has already paid for itself.

I can not see them dropping all AoS faction apart from Chaos, Stormcasts & Death...apart from anything that drops one alliance and I imagine Orcs (or whatever) will always do well.