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Thread: AoS Factions are finally settling down

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    Re: AoS Factions are finally settling down

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Star View Post
    When you think about it, while the mindset behind the races is very different (Kharadron Overlords and Orruk Ironjaws are more like 40K's Squats and Orks than their traditional fantasy counterparts) GW haven't made a really daring, big change beyond the Kharadron Overlords... it's still Orcs in iron armor, armies of Dryads, pale-bodied vampire beasts, etc. The only other major departure was the Stormcast Eternals, and they were a pretty safe bet as they're based on the very successful Space Marine Archetype.
    I'd have liked to see them do something with the Fimir in AoS, though I know they are still hanging around I think they could have done more.

    The Deepkin are just fishy Dark Eldar.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate Life Form View Post
    The death of WHFB was very painful but it is almost as painful to see it replaced with what basically amounts to a parody of it.
    Unfortunately this is the failing with a lot of GW stuff over the years...they went from characterful to caricature.

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