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Thread: AoS Factions are finally settling down

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    Re: AoS Factions are finally settling down

    Now now gentlemen, keep it civil.

    GW can only please some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time. GW has clearly got plans for further elven factions beyond the DoK and the Deepkin. It would be nice if we got a clearer picture of what's next, but the nature of redeveloping the older factions to fit the revitalised setting will take time, and as the design studio has many AoS factions to rework along with work on 40k and Specialist content, it will take a while. I would rather they took their time and fleshed out the factions they are working on thoroughly as they did with the DoK, Deepkin, and newest Stormcast Battletome, over them rushing as they did with the first Stormcast Battletome, Ironjawz and Bloodbound. I'm sure ULF would agree that spending some time lavishing some attention on future elven releases would be preferable to a rushed battletome put out to please the crowd in the short term.

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