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So, apparently the capital of the Skaven in the new universe is "Blight City", possibly a former Dwarven/Human city. The clans are basically unchanged, bar most (but not all) of the former historical characters. The only new additions to the lore/rules are a few excuses to sell new terrain/spell effects. What was the point of the whole End Times again? They retained so much that the destruction of the world feels very halfhearted, yet removed so much that it will take many more years for it to feel remotely less empty than it does now. At this stage, it appears they could have achieved the same by just advancing the storyline a few centuries. The only truly major shift would have been the introduction of Sigmarines, but any half-baked attempt to make them fit in would likely have been preferable to blowing up the entire world and then introducing them.
GW felt the Old World was too small and static, talking with the AoSRPG designers on the "ratcatchers" Discord implies. The example used was that if you had a Warriors of Chaos army, they were brutal warriors from the north. That's where they all came from. Likewise, where were your Lizardman from? Lustria. So either they stepped out for a bit on some objective, or something was happening there.

GW wanted to be able to say, your army can be from anywhere. Chaos Warriors from Ghyran's nurgly swamps? Done. Chaos Warriors from the volcanoe strewn, blood erupting Khornate ash-wastes? There you go.

I mean if you ignore the introduction of the Mortal Realms, you'd basically just have post-apocalypse Warhammer/Old World; The End Times came and went, Chaos withdrew it's attention when opposition crumbled and went on to conquer other worlds... Sigmar emerged from the warpgate he fell into, and set about restoring the Empire, etc.

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I also find it hard to believe that a culture like the Skaven that had major technological progress in the old world, a jump of progress during the end times and then nothing for millennia when their demons actually managed to get a foothold to grab real power. There is so much to tell, but nah: here is your old story all sparkly and fresh. Buy new spells NOW ...
Who is to say it's been millennia for the Skaven?

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But... why? Skavenblight was actually saved during ET, skitterleaped away to safety.

It's just a contraction of the name. Skavenblight city... Blight City. It's one and the same.