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Still not sold on those Orruks.
They look like Mega Armoured Nobz for 40K.
Yeah, an army of Nobz & Snakebites.

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Having a "regular people" faction in AoS might help to ground the storylines a bit.
I can only applaud that.
I dunno if they will feel out of place, like a relic of a lost age...

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Seraphon, Kharadron Overlords and Disciples of Tzeentch are all pre-2nd edition battletomes, even if we go with the assumption Pestilens are staying in the Skaven book and that "Everchosen" will be rolled into some kind of Slaves to Darkness tome..
I was meaning more the minis but agreed the existing Battletomes are going to be updated or rolled together and given Endless spells etc.

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I mean, not to sound confrontational and I'm looking forward to it, but at this point there's been so much written about the Free Peoples' available on the Malign Portents website, the novels like "City of Secrets" and Shadows over Hammerhal that I find it hard to believe this really make much difference, other than giving an update that lets you add Freeguild to your Stormcast or Wanderers to your Sylvaneth...
I think for me the setting has no real space for 'normal people' and any attempt to shoe-horn them is unlikely to stand up to any real questioning. I think this is the single biggest turn off for me.

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A lot less miniatures, go play Stormcasts, no thanks.

This is just a reduction and purge of the range that has been ongoing for a while. Buy the new stuff, which to be fair to GW is their business.
Definitely. I think it will be interesting to peruse the range once things have settled a little. Still, the mix of old and new is obvious and often jarring.

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Well, that's what Harry told us about so long ago, GW would release kits that would disappear after a while, replaced by newer ones. So it's not surprising the pre AOS kits are the first ones to disappear.
Oh indeed, its been on the cards for a while. My main concern is getting some Dark Elf Cold Ones before they go so I can convert up a small Exodite force for use in 2nd Ed 40k.