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Thread: AoS Factions are finally settling down

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    Re: AoS Factions are finally settling down

    Quote Originally Posted by Lost Egg View Post
    Oh indeed, its been on the cards for a while. My main concern is getting some Dark Elf Cold Ones before they go so I can convert up a small Exodite force for use in 2nd Ed 40k.
    Second hand. Over the couples months, I have bought enormous amounts of about everything, I don't even know why, I'm suffering from a buying spree. Not on Ebay though, I buy it mostly from Vinted, an app to sell... clothes. They got a toy and miniatures sections. There's often amazing deals on it, like a full DE army, along with metal black guards, hydra, - those COK you want to convert- and so on, for less than 100 euros. My collection has like multiplied by 5 in the last three months. My chaos army has gone from almost non existant to massive, cost me barely nothing, includes at least 60 chaos warriors, blightkings, 25 chaos knights (plastic and metal), various SC... for the cost of two or three boxes on GW's website. Got a full skaven army for nothing. Relatively well painted (great base for me to paint over) stonehorn for 15 euros or something. And so on and so on.
    Problem now is storage, my wife validated a whole Billies for my Wargammer stuff... not two >>

    Quote Originally Posted by Lost Egg View Post
    I think for me the setting has no real space for 'normal people' and any attempt to shoe-horn them is unlikely to stand up to any real questioning. I think this is the single biggest turn off for me.
    The setting has to have normal people. It'd be ridiculous to have a setting with only all these warriors all having fun between themselves with no other stake than showing who's got the biggest.Usually the stakes are to protect your nation and your folk. Kindda makes sense they also take up arms and don't always rely on the superwarriors. Now, are the **Old World** miniatures fitting? That's another matter entirely.
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