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Don't see it myself, in fact I found the opposite true. If I wanted to make up an Order settlement in AoS, it'd certainly be eccentric but I could take any "Free People" or Order units and make them fit pretty easily. By contrast, if I made a town in WHFB, my army would consist of lots of regiments of halberdiers, bows, crossbows, maybe some riflemen... but I certainly couldn't take a Steam Tank that this town which is so small it's not even on the map, which popped into existence, just had lying around.

How did a town which could field a 2000pt Emire Army, with Steam Tanks and potentially Karl Franz on Deathclaw along with some battle-wizards, with it's own heraldry, get 'missed' or spring into being, if I pick a random location on the Empire map?
To me that is one of the really weird things in AoS, in all realms, all corners free people without contact for thousands of years have the same tech and look. Even those that did not recently venture out into the realms. Or if Sigmar took everything along then progress has been non existent, why? Surely dwarves or Skaven would have kept tinkering.

At least Karl Franz was relatively near enough to have been able to drop by. To fix that the Stormcasts had to use lightning travel ... magic made it happen.