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@Little Joe - To be fair a recent run of WD articles have, very lightly, explored the realms and given examples of typical normal people who do look wildly different. Obviously this is not represented in the mini range though and as I said the articles are thin on any detail...or believability.
GW according to their own mission statement are a miniature company. They do not allow any product or often even old product in their events and shops. What good is a thin story?

@Rogue Star: You mentioned old empire, possibly even freeguild, but I would go as far as the new book for human/elf/dwarf armies. Surely it was not all Stormcast genocide and relocation. In the first edition it was mentioned that civilizations rose and fell, Sigmar retreated, locked his gates, went out and found literally the same people while in his city during the thousands of years being locked in zero happened as well.

What you describe sounds more like 30k/40k if you ask me, are you sure that is modern AoS? I really don't know so that is a serious question. It is GW that keeps putting back the "world that was", not me. To me AoS is a whole new thing that has serious logic issues and is meant to work for do whatever you want and have fun. I have no problems with the second part, but as far as I know there never was any real attempt to fix part one. The story is patchy at best and just runs ahead.

And I have a sneaky suspicion that your army of choice will no longer be possible after the update and even if you build it, you can't have a game in a GW store unless the guy at the counter approves because policy is only stuff we sell. This is not against your choice, just pointing out that customer satisfaction/retention is not on the menu.