@Little Joe - Sorry, I'm not following you. I'd much prefer a game where the fluff and the minis are all on the same page, making a believable setting. AoS still seems to me to be a series of concepts forced together rather than a setting which has grown organically.

@Rogue Star - I think I misunderstood what you were saying...so you prefer AoS because you have the freedom to create an entirely new city? That's fair enough. My point was that given the extreme setting I find it hard to believe a city of normal people could exist at all.

Trade between the worlds would have to be barter except if a group of cities across worlds has some kind of agreement. My point earlier was that GW said the currency of one world was prophecy but I see no way that could work, to me it just comes across as something meant to sound cool. I guess I prefer the inherent believability of the WFB setting to the "turn it up to 11" setting of AoS. Each to their own.