Mmmh. So, new book out. Wrath of the Everchosen.
Translated to "La colère de l'elu éternel" in French.
Wait what.
I don't understand the translation policy of Games Workshop anymore. First of all, that's a new one, which is fine, they never really translated everchosen before, it was more like "chosen of the gods". But... why is it translated at all? We still got "order battletome", we still got Slaves to Darkness? And then we got that new book, and the new Nurgle band for Beastgrave has a made up fantasy name (wurmspat -> verructés - pretty clever actually, unlike its ogre equivalent, with translates mantrapper with just trapper in French). So why Slaves to Darkness last month or so (which is way easier to translate than wurmspat)? Why not a single translated name for the sisters of battle when those names all already existed and worked fine? What the hell Games Workshop?