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Is Fir not the Fire Slayers, Water: fish elves, Air: sky dwarves.
Those are more incidental things, rather than a binding to an element. Idoneth can't control their emotions, so fled into the darkest, deepest depths of the Realms oceans an evironment of muted sights and sounds soothes them. Kharadron likewise took to an environment which to escape the depredations of Chaos. Fyreslayers absolutely don't live in symbiosis with their Realm; Grungi took an oath to slay/tame the animal which could be said to be the animal which embodies Aqshy, which was Vulcatrix - they ended up 'killing' each other and exploding/intermingling, which led to Ur-gold (bits of Grungi) and Magmadroth eggs from the remains of Vulcatrix... it's more like a forced bonding, taming of Aqshy.

By contrast, Teclis is strolling around alongside Celennar, as friends and equals.

Speaking of Teclis, each of those plates hanging around his hips represent an "aspect", since he's mastered them all, and you can clearly see the mountain-rune, used on the Stonecow chest (Part mystical creature, part mountain, and it can go toe-to-toe with a Bloodthirster – what more could you ask for?) and Stoneguard's banner, since they're representations of "earth".

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As one of the twin aelven gods of Hysh, Teclis represents the very pinnacle of achievement for a Lumineth. The belt around his waist depicts the full runic mandala of his people, but he also bears the individual runestones of each of the four geomantic spirits, showing that he has mastered their teachings.
The winged leonine beast that accompanies Teclis is Celennar, the living manifestation of the Hyshian moon spirit. Among the first things you’ll notice about the model is that Teclis is not riding Celennar as a mount. Unlike Alarielle the Everqueen, who stands imperious atop her subservient wardroth beetle, Teclis and Celennar are very much a partnership, having become inseparably bonded to one another. This is intrinsic to the relationship between the Lumineth and the geomantic spirits – it’s one of mutual trust and benefit as opposed to one of dominance.