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Thread: Painted Runestones

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    Painted Runestones

    The ancients liked colour. Dyes and paints were a luxury, especially so for the most vibrant ones. Rather much of the finer ancient stoneworks were decorated with at least some spots of colour in their heyday. I think we as wargaming hobbyists can sympathize with this: Would you rather have grey plastic or a painted army?

    Here are some painted runestones (originals and replicas alike), to replicate how they might have looked like:

    Just something to keep in mind for scenery and Hold Guardian painting.

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    Re: Painted Runestones

    Interesting. I have a piece of Dwarf terrain in my painting backlog that has various rune-like carvings all over.
    I was unsure how to paint them but these images show that there's nothing to fear from a bit of colour
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