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Thread: dauntless(torpedo) or endeavour?

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    dauntless(torpedo) or endeavour?

    hi, what is the best choice for the member of this forum?

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    Re: dauntless(torpedo) or endeavour?

    Dauntless would be my preference in squadrons if 2-3. It’s judt as resilient as the Endeavor but has superior speed- gives you better options on how to deploy those torps.

    Endeavor for me doesn’t shine unless it is an Ad Mech or Rogue Trader version. AM gets a dorsal lance which makes it a pretty decent gunboat for the price plus you get blessings of the Omnissia. RT variant can get xenotech upgrades and can pay up upgrade the prow to 6+ at the cost of lowering turn speed to 45’ which is interesting.

    Most importantly is to fly what you think is cool- even the vanilla Endeavor can be good support in a gun line

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