Hi guys,

Well it has been a long, long time since I was last here, but I got me a hankering to get back in to old school forum-ing after Warseer going down…

So I have always been an avid modeller/painter (although much less so on actually playing games!) and I thought it was about time I set up a general area where I could post all of the assorted 40k (and probably some other sci-fi!) minis in one place. I do seem to have quite a variety of bits and bobs and rather than spreading it over assorted logs that will get sporadically updated getting it all in one place seemed prudent

I’m also just starting out with commission painting too so this can serve a dual (Triple? Quadruple?) purpose…!

So anyway, those of you long in the tooth (and in the beard!) might remember me from a long while back. I was primarily beavering away converting a marine army for years! Any old guard members might remember this mini:

This mini and I go waaaay back - it feels deeply retro to me now but I do still have a soft spot for it.

And you can find the whole project log from inception to completion here

Of course in the time I’ve been away from 40k the baby has been thrown out with the bathwater and everything feels both more, and less, kooky nowadays. GW have been churning out new minis and games that really ‘prod buttock’ and serve to tickle the old school 2nd edition gamer in me!

I will be adding to this post with a variety of pics of what I have on the go at the moment and will keep adding to it over time so look forward to catching up with Warseerites old and new.