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Thread: Cavern Quest Warriors Vol II - Kickstarter coming June 1st

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    Cavern Quest Warriors Vol II - Kickstarter coming June 1st

    Cavern Quest Warriors Vol II launches June 1st!! We have added so much more to the pledges and also will include free stl files for furniture as well as the files for card stock furniture. Get book cases, single/double doors, weapon racks, altars, treasure chests, chairs, benches and tables!! We also have pledges that include the campaign modules printed for you.

    Pick your character and venture forth for fame and glory. Cavern Quest Warriors is not your normal board game. With a unique role-playing twist that allows for more interactive adventure between the characters and the Cavern Master, you must work together as a team and choose your path, becoming more powerful as your character advances.
    Cavern Quest Warriors is a role-playing board game that is quick to set up, easy to play and full of adventure. With one player acting as the Cavern Master, each player will choose their class of character, all with unique talents and abilities to embark on a quest in search of riches and glory. The game can be played with as few as 2 players and up to as many as 7. The character stats also allow for increased levels, which in turn bring forth greater abilities – all to better equip players to battle even tougher foes!

    Get all of this in a Basic $14 pledge:
    Basic rule book
    Magic/potion/spell/item/weapon cards
    Character sheets
    3 campaign modules – Chateau de Guillant-levels 1-3, Halls of Valhalla-levels 2-5, The Giant Tomb-levels 4-7. Each campaign module includes:
    Campaign module booklet with story and all details of the campaign
    Detailed individual floor tiles with 1” grid
    Creature panel with all creature stats and abilities for easy reference
    Campaign specific cards (weapons, treasure, etc.)
    Campaign token and ruler sheet
    Applicable trap markers
    Card stock (for print & assembly) and STL files (for 3D printing) for all furniture: Bookshelves, single and double doors, treasure chests, chairs, benches, tables, weapon racks and altars.

    We appreciate your support!!
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