list 1

bastion segmentus obscurus list

1x admiral 50 pt
1x reroll 25pt
1x Emperor Battleship 365pt
2x Exorcist grand cruiser 460pt
4X Endeavour light cruiser 6+ prow armor 440pt
2x Charnage class cruiser 360pt (reserve rules in armada book)
5x Cobra destroyer 150pt
5x Cobra destroyer 150pt

list 2

another variant
Admiral 50pt
reroll 25pt
1xBattleship emperor 365pt
2xExorcist grand cruiser 460pt
3xEndeavour light cruiser 330pt 6+ prow
2xCarnage cruiser 360pt
2xTyrant with nova and 45 cm battery 430 (anoter varian possible have 2 crusier of the same price with torpedo)

any comment advice?