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Thread: 2000 imperial navy point lists

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    2000 imperial navy point lists

    list 1

    bastion segmentus obscurus list

    1x admiral 50 pt
    1x reroll 25pt
    1x Emperor Battleship 365pt
    2x Exorcist grand cruiser 460pt
    4X Endeavour light cruiser 6+ prow armor 440pt
    2x Charnage class cruiser 360pt (reserve rules in armada book)
    5x Cobra destroyer 150pt
    5x Cobra destroyer 150pt

    list 2

    another variant
    Admiral 50pt
    reroll 25pt
    1xBattleship emperor 365pt
    2xExorcist grand cruiser 460pt
    3xEndeavour light cruiser 330pt 6+ prow
    2xCarnage cruiser 360pt
    2xTyrant with nova and 45 cm battery 430 (anoter varian possible have 2 crusier of the same price with torpedo)

    any comment advice?

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    Re: 2000 imperial navy point lists

    Iíd say your second list looks more balanced.

    I personally donít tend to go strike craft heavy in a IN fleet because thereís a good number of factions that can more efficiently do it than you and have points left over for dedicated brawlers.

    The Emperor class is an amazing battleship and a worthy candidate for flagship in any situation.

    Explorer Tau and Chaos come to mind with the Explorer battleship and Devastation come to mind. Right now the bulk of your fleet is carriers that donít really benefit from getting into gun slugfests that keep them from reloading. 2x Tyrants and 2x Carnages are a good basis for your gunline.

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