Howdy folks,

Me and a Gothenburger went to a tag team tournament in Västerås during the weekend, the same one that Cavetroll attended.

This is a brief report, because it would otherwise have been one of constant, utterly constant dice misfortunes. Never have we seen such abysmally poor dice rolls for crucial tests through 4 games in a row!

For our fifth and last match, we got a table with a couple of sacrificial temples. So my teammate got the brilliant idea to rank our three most underperforming units in our armies, and march them straight unto the altar, and sacrifice them for free magic dice!

These were, in order of their lousiness (with different names in T9A, but I'll name them by WHFB standards since that is most people's common ground regardless of what system they now play):

1. An Ironblaster Cannon

2. A K'daai Destroyer

3. A Stonehorn

So we killed at least 1/3 of our own army in exchange for fireballs, and though the blood sacrifice was ultimately found unworthy (bloody right!) since we didn't win the game, we still performed much better without these terrible wastrels, than we did with them.

It was our best game in terms of victory and battle point results, and in terms of sheer fun.

So next time the dice gods hate you, throw the losers on the altar!