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Thread: The Unbroken: A Renegade Cult of Obliteration

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    The Unbroken: A Renegade Cult of Obliteration

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    ‘We estrange our fathers and forsake false brotherhoods. The War God cares not from whence we came, only that we fight.’

    — Creed of The Unbroken

    ‘The War Hounds died with a strangled yelp aboard the Adamant Resolve the moment the Emperor unleashed Angron and his damned Nails upon the Legion. And you let him do it, as pups desperately vie for the approval of an uncontrolled, rabid dog. You so-called World Eaters are not the kindred we left on Nove Shendak, and you are no brother of mine. You are a slave beholden to the Nails, to rage without purpose, and as of now, an unwilling instrument of the Unbroken's unceasing war machine.'

    Cerberak, 'The Filth Hound of Hades', addressing a captured World Eater berserker


    [To be updated]

    I can't wait to get my hands on the new Chaos Space Marine range, and I've been thinking for a while now about starting a brand new modelling project. I'm so inspired by what I've seen on here and on Instagram, I may as well start using the many bits I've accumulated over the years from GW and FW something new.

    I present The Unbroken, a renegade warband of disaffected Chaos Space Marines from different legions based on the cult of obliteration. I originally wanted to start out with the idea of World Eaters who weren't Khorne Berserkers, but I've got so many bits and different models, I may as well open it up.
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