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Thread: The Unbroken: A Renegade Cult of Obliteration

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    Re: The Unbroken: A Renegade Cult of Obliteration



    ‘The Lost’, Berserker, XVI Legion, 'Sons of Horus',
    Indentured slave to The Unbroken


    'Rejoice, for in death, you honour the Lord of Blood.' Tagar Esageddon


    HACK. SLASH. CHOP. Thus was the mantra of Tagar Esageddon, the physical expression of a complex combat equation, reduced to its most basic components.

    When an enemy was unfortunate enough to be within Tagar's killing range, a hack to the chest, driven by the berserker's momentum was enough to dissuade any planned action by the enemy, if they hadn't been split in twain.

    Slashing was reserved for creating space in the press of bodies, though for efficiency, a slit windpipe saved a second or two in the fury of close combat. How much blood sprayed out was entirely dependent on the force and angle of the cut; and Tagar had learned that its size was directly proportional to the terror it inspired. In a pinch, the slash also created space to shoot your enemy in the face, point blank. Not the most honourable way to end one's foes, but the Lord of Blood cared not for how, just that it did.

    In Tagar's considered opinion, the chop was the most subtle of the chainaxe's artistry. The first two relied more on instinct, a reaction and offence honed over centuries of hunting and being hunted. A chop, however, required calculation. Intent. A strike designed to incapacitate or simply kill a dangerous foe: one could literally disarm a potentially weapon, or decapitate at a vital moment.

    Any three of these, or complex combinations thereof, had served Tagar well. It was not just the core of his survival instinct, it was also the expression of his devotion to the Lord of Blood, and it would do so until his end.


    I'm on a roll - I didn't think this one was going to work out because of the relatively static pose of the Blood Warrior model. It was only when I positioned the bolt pistol in a way that suggested that Tagar was casually shooting someone did the pose look good. The chainaxe was super easy to put in, though there was a huge portion of the warrior's chest that had been hacked away of the original detail - replaced by some shells and the grenade to cover it up, and a Tartaros shouldered to fit the angle over naturally.
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