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Thread: City of Himmelgrau

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    City of Himmelgrau

    Citizens of Himmelgrau are a happy lot. Once a small trading town, now it is a booming metropolis with markets, plazas and magnificent buildings. Being a City-state allows it to enjoy freedom from any major kingdom around.

    The governing body of Himmelgrau is a council of city elders. However, real power belongs to the Cult of the Dead. These priests are both feared and adored at the same time. The cult at first glance may be dark and unwelcoming, but what they actually do is make sure that souls of the dead pass to afterlife and are not lost in the Abyss. A happy lot, indeed.

    Would you like to stay in Himmelgrau?

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    Re: City of Himmelgrau

    Wow fantastic stuff

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    Re: City of Himmelgrau

    Beautiful city. I have seen your work before; maybe on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum?
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    What the Modsticker said.

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    Re: City of Himmelgrau

    Awesome! More to come i hope.

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