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Thread: 3D printed train set

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    3D printed train set

    Hiya all,

    Just wanted to hint here about one ongoing Kickstarter project which offers 3D prints or models of a 40K style train, carts and rails.
    Because I've always wanted to have a 40K train terrain piece:
    Modurail - 3D printable Future Monorail for 28mm Wargames

    I pledged the Grand Station Master for myself. Thought of printing few extra carts and then use the train on ground level rails as a LOS and movement blocking terrain. And it should work well as a terrain object in games. I'll post some pics later this year, when I've got something ready.

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    Re: 3D printed train set

    Very interesting- certainly the designs fit the 40K aesthetic.
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    What the Modsticker said.

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