Some salty sea thoughts from Zygmund over on Warhammer Empire:

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Since the NW Maidens essentially create a mountainous peninsula similar to Brittany, with a long shoreline and abundant protected harbours, how about Dwarf sailors?

Would these Dwarfs have a trading relationship with the High Elf sea empire? How would that have influenced their culture? Did the Elfs perhaps force them away from the coasts?

Not that the Dwarfs of the Maidens couldn't have their own oldschool cow-herding highlanders. But the main aspects of their culture, visible to outsiders, probably has a different outlook.

About Dwarf port towns and sailors: There is trade connecting The Empire with Destria, convoys of big ships, which circumvent the Maidens peninsula. They would need rather advanced port facilities if they dock. And dwarven engineering probably can provide such. So the Dwarfs of the Maidens could actually be quite good port/docks engineers. Also they might be regularly enlisted as ship craftsmen. I would imagine their physique wouldn't make them good sailors, climbing the masts and such, but where strength and stamina are needed, a Dwarf could earn more than a deck hand.