I got into this game some time ago and I am sad to see that it hasn't really got the love it should have. I understand there was some production/distribution problems with the designer eventually taking it in house. that being said the models are fantastic and well made with obvious savings in cost and model count requirements over classic 40K/GW, and the rules are solid.

I love the fact that it has some of the scale and simplicity of 40K style play with just enough added flavor/rules mechanics similar to infinity-(2 action combinations, reactive actions, turn by turn based initiative, alternating activations-no loosing 1/4 of your army because you didn't go first- etc...)

Since I volunteer at a game shop on weekends I tend to bring a lot of different games for people to play/try out. One of the new guys picked up a dust starter box so I let him borrow a few of my units to play a decent sized 150 point game.

I broke out my bocage mat (this is a WWII setting so it seemed good).

The allies starting position-


The axis position-


we each had one objective to hold and ran it like a normal 40 match ending with a roll of the dice at the end of turn 5 with a tie.....and a lot of amazingly bad dice rolls on both sides

His jump rocket fist melee guys(who should have mauled me) couldn't seem to hit anything. my monkeys unloaded all their flamefaust rockets into his infantry for 12 hits of which none wounded... >_<
and one of his rangers with a flame thrower was obviously not capable of dying after taking fire from a support weapon team, tank and a plane....making every save...................

So in short much fun had by all.