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Those are very good questions.

It seems to me that back in the days of Portent, and the early days of WarSeer, there was a feeling of purpose and direction. The current WarSeer though... I just don't know... It seems to be mainly idling, with no particular direction or purpose.
I knew Pete. I know what Pete wanted. I knew why Pete owned and ran Portent. I understand, fully, why he threw in the towel after the big server crash and hack in 2005. That Warseer exists today is a testament to the community that was built there. As much as people out there would like to deny it, Warseer was formed to be a successor. When we chose the name, we chose it because Portent was THE place for rumours, and we should lean into it.

I think it's been through 2-3 owners now, and no one either on the Facebook Group or here has stepped forward to say "I am the owner." I've seen a couple of mods and admins self-identify, but no ownership. Why? What purpose does this obfuscation serve?

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Warseer and fora in general
You and I are the only people I have seen since Alekenesis stopped posting on Portent that use the correct plural of forum.