I agree. Step 1 is eliminate the empty areas. Then collapse the rest into fewer groupings. This will make it easier to find an active discussion in a topic of interest. For example: splitting up battle reports, fluff and general info is silly. Maybe if we had 20,000 active users, but even back in the day people just put "BATTLE REPORT" in the title and we were good with it.

I also sense that social media is about to hit the proverbial iceberg. The fact that forums like this are being squeeze is no accident, and regulators in multiple jurisdictions are looking at how and why they got so powerful - and what they do with that power.

The 'killer app' is that we have discussion AND content.

Someone brought up featured articles, but another thought would be to showcase older (in)famous threads or discussions about fluff, upcoming products, etc.

There are rumor/review/commentary on all sorts of GW events and people may like having those linked and highlighted. This would be for the mods to do, but it isn't super heavy-lifting to just throw a link and type: "What was it like when 7th ed WHFB came out? Read about it here!"

Very few sites have stuff like that. Facebook certainly doesn't, so why not highlight it?