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I think that the shift towards Facebook and other similar platforms owes more to the increasing desire for instant replies, instant gratification, and zero moderation.
I think you're right on the money here too, especially for younger members of the hobby. You just have to look at the popularity of the more meme-y 40k lore YouTube videos, and the Internet in general, to see the "quippy-ness" being one of the primary forms of online communication nowadays.

That said, I think the various GW-related subreddits strike a good balance between instant replies, direct gratification, and... well decent moderation. That said, /r/Warhammer had one of the worst, most overbearing Mods I've ever seen — and that's saying something coming from me. The correction was outstanding and there's quite a bit of transparency across the subs. Except Grimdank, which is basically the peak Chaos Wastes with memes.