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I do wish the admins would at least make a statement regarding the state of Warseer. After all that brainstorming for improvements to this site they gave us nothing, and didn’t even feed back on why. The Mods have been tremendously patient with our griping but I am struggling to see why they should be the ones providing all the info. I understand the pressures of Real Life but what’s to stop at least one post highlighting the challenges for the Admins?

It’s good that the certification was fixed but what is bugging me is someone is clearly listening but they’re not engaging with us here. I find that depressing at this point.
What's worse is that it was over the holidays. I was on vacation and had a lot of spare time to come out here and chat, yet every time, I get the warning page.

I want this site to keep going and get better, but frustrating episodes like this are pushing me into the "delete the bookmark and forget about it" mode of thinking.