I am sorry to be blunt here but it really sounds like this is the end of the road.

The main page looks basically the same as it did a few months ago at a first glance - I have to hit "page down" 4 times to get to the last of the 27 top-level subfora, some of which still have multiple sub-sub-fora. Meanwhile, if I click on "new posts" there are 21 updated threads for me to read since the 15th of October at 10AM. Over 8 days there isn't anything close to one updated thread per subforum. Maybe my perception is different to others, but that just seems absurd. I don't want to take anything away from your hard work CB, but it seems like either a "drastic" consolidation is impractical somehow, or the admins just don't grasp what needs to be done, or have any interest in sorting it.

This was the suggestion from the other thread:

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I'd go with something like:

News and Rumours
- Consolidate Roleplaying News & Rumours and Boardgame and CCG News & Rumours into Wargaming News and Rumours

Painting and Modelling
- Consolidate all of the sub-forums in Project Logs together

Remove The Black Library section

- Consolidate Historical Wargaming and T9A into Wargaming General Discussion

- Make the Games Workshop its own section

- Consolidate Adventure Game Books, Games Workshop and Wizards of the Coast into Roleplaying General Discussion

- Consolidate all sub-forums in Trading Forum together
That is what is needed, to my mind as a bare minimum, not something to aspire to. Every subforum should have a few posts in in the course of a week, or it shouldn't be there. Again, I'm not saying that work hasn't been put in, but the effect of the changes so far is negligible. If much more is not possible, frankly there's no point bothering.

Sorry to be negative, but I'd rather speak up than see work being put in to no real purpose.