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Good progress with the Grey Knights so far, old school is best school.

I'm looking at the red accents on your Grey Knights and wondering if one further highlight would help bring those accents out more?

The sniper team is a really nice group shot, good stuff!

Thanks! I love the old school grey knights, I added another highlight but the below pic is a bit far out to see them. Iíve got a little more work to do, but the infantry is mostly there now:

Iím not a big fan of the baby carrier dread knight, so 3d printed some replacement parts

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I read your thread and I just wanted to say you've done a great job on the leviathan.
I expect we'll see those lightning soon...
Cheers, I had forgotten about those

I put them in my cabinet, half done, so Iíll have to dig them out and finish them off. Iíll need to knock up some flying bases too - a trip to pound land for plastic wine glasses is probably in order!