This is the project log for my small DKOK project. I have now converted 16 models and I would normally put them in a drawer at this point and forget about them Ė instead I am posting them up here to shame me into finishing them off J


I have a platoon of Forgeworld DKOK gorgon troopers to separate out and repair. To eke out the small number of troopers, I will be using other GW and third part bodies and parts to build the specialist troops.

I have made two push molds of DKOK parts to help with the conversion for this project Ė one of the standard DKOK trooper head and one of the DKOK backpack. It goes without saying that I am using these parts to help with conversions for my personal use only!


The setting is set in my own personal corner of the Dark Imperium here:


The army will be the Kolonial Death Korps. Like the Baran Siege Masters, they hail from a colony founded by DKOK veterans and raise IG regiments in the style of their forebears.

Combat Engineers:

SOTR US Infantry bodies; shotguns converted from Cadian lasguns.

The heads are a bit big (my casts are about 20% bigger than the FW original). I did have some metal pig iron heads attached to start with, but decided to switch over to the DKOK heads. Iíll give it some time Ė if they are too bobble-headed I might switch back.

JagdKommandos (Grenadiers):

GW dark elf spearman bodies; converted cadian lasguns and arms.

C&C please Ė Iím aiming to prime these this weekend J