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I really like conversions you've done with the Death Korps, that mixture of weapons/wargear and the reduced platoons really gives your army character.

Your converted officers are great, got any other ones in the works?

Iím going to do four more officers:

Iíve got the old metal cadian senior officer with the bionic eye and powersword to use as the senior field officer. Iíll need to add a peaked cap and maybe a smaller more modern looking respirator (as I donít want to cover up his whole face).

Iím using a warzone capitol ranger as an Lt for the support platoon (he wonít get a field cap like the rest because he already has an awesome hat)

Iíve got an extra engineer body so Iíll be making an engineer officer (no rules, but would be cool)

...and one final infantry Lt ... not really got any plans for this one!

Finally - quick Gorgon update: