It feels like forever since I had been here. Life, work, health (which I've been losing and maintaining weight, and everything's good), pursuit of starting a family, things have been nuts. I did go to Adepticon and had fun, so I'm glad I can take some time off from life for awhile. However, there are many things that I would like to vent about. The 40k team and grand tournaments opened up my eyes on what needs to be changed. GW has an FAQ on the way that will, supposedly, fix the problems going on. More specifically with 2 armies. Here are just a few that need changed.

Ynari: Let me just that speak for a lot of people when I say this: I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION BECAUSE THEY'RE TOO *******' BROKEN!!! Now, don't misunderstand, I like their fluff, but their rules don't make any sense and they're WAY too powerful. In competitive tournaments, the lists are ALL the same. Jet Bikes of some sorts, Dark Reapers, Pyskers out the bum, deep strike shenanigans with a billion guys. Soul Burst is the most broken rule in the game. Kill a unit (which is very easy), do whatever again. You can even move twice. That's crap. It's not even a strategem. It's a universal special rule. Ynari, AND Craftworld units (for that matter) need a massive overhaul on ALL their units, rules, and weapons. If Soul Burst was a strategem (and nurfed tremendously), I would have no problems. Same goes for all Craftworld rules and weapons. Right now, if Ynari gets first turn, you're screwed. Maybe not right away, but the first and/or second turn, they'll make sure you hardly have anything left.

Space Marines: SM just need help in general. I don't think having units getting point reductions would solve anything. Primaris, although shooting is decent enough, can be better. I played Black Templars (I know) with just regular SM units, and, wow, not good. My brother and I came up with a couple ideas, and let me share a few: The TOP fix is bring back first turn Drop Pod Assault. That would bring SM (ALL IMPERIAL SM ARMIES) back big time. If they can allow Primaris to ride in drop pod (and other transport vehicles other than the Repulsor), they would be very good. Imagine Hellblasters dropping in first turn. Ouch. Another one would be with Power and Terminator armor, against certain weapons (particularly weapons with no AP), have them reroll failed saves of 1. Do the same with CSM. It would make sense because they wear some of the heaviest and toughest armor in the galaxy, so represent that better with the durability. Primaris NEEDS dedicated close combat units. Reivers don't have power weapons and that's a problem against several units in the game. Give them their own Primaris Terminators and Assault Squads. It would make sense and they would have a decent close combat unit. Rules, some strategems should just be universal rules for whatever chapter or spend the command point and it'll affect them the entire game.

There's other areas, but those are the top 2 armies (3 if you count Craftworlds) that NEED changes. CSM, yes, needs help, but they're much more functional than all other Imperial SM armies. But for now, this and other things need changed. I hope the next FAQ actually does something.