Welcome to my log, which will cover my progress collecting classic 40k from way back in 1993.

My plan is to collect a series of small forces, around 1000-1500 points, and paint them as close to the original colour schemes as possible, minus the red, to try and recreate that golden era of the hobby which I crave.

Progress will be slow, so don't expect regular updates, but I will post when I can.

Also, the first batch of photos are a little dark, because its raining, so I will change them later.

I've started with a space wolf army first,


Ragnar & Ulrik.

It was hard to recreate the grey armour. Mine is a little dark from the 2nd edition wolves, but its not too bad. Same goes for the bases. Lorren forest is the best match to goblin green I could find.
The banners are just colour photo copies, painted with pva glue to seal. I don't have the skills to recreate them myself so cheated this part. They don't look too bad really.

I changed the rune priest slightly by painting the armour trim grey instead of red. think it looks better for it.

Finally some wolf guard.
So far all of these models are about 95% complete. I just need to add the Ragnar symbol to the shoulder pads and some battle honours which I will do later when my skills improve.